Choses à faire pendant un (autre) confinement
Choses à faire pendant un (autre) confinement

Wondering what to do during the next lockdown to stay active and enjoy the weather?  Here are some great places to go during the next lockdown in Mont Tremblant.


Here are 4 places where you can go skating during the lockdown period in Mont Tremblant:


  1. Ring in downtown St-Jovite located at 885 St-Jovite Street. 
  2. Ice ring and slide at Lake Mercier located at 100 Plouffe Road.
  3. The skating rink next to the arena, located at 625 Cadieux Street in St-Jovite.
  4. The Grand Lodge skating rink located at 2396 Labelle Street. 


You can see the conditions of the first 3 rinks on the website of the city of Mont-Tremblant at: and you can see the conditions of the Grand Lodge rink and their availability on their website:


Here are 3 places where you can go cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the lockdown period in Mont Tremblant:


  1. The P’tit train du nord is accessible at several locations including in the Old Village, in front of 83 North and in front of Golf le Maître. 
  2. The Domaine Saint-Bernard is located at 539, Ch. Saint-Bernard. You can reserve your access to the Domaine Saint-Bernard at:

Or at

  1. The National Park of Mont Tremblant is located at 4456, chemin du Lac-Supérieur.


You can also see the conditions of certain trails at: as well as other trails that cross the Laurentians. 


Here is the perfect place to go downhill skiing and touring during the lockdown period in Mont Tremblant : 


Mont-Tremblant is accessible to both alpine and touring skiers. You can make your departure at the North-South Side or Nansen South Side.  


Please note that the touring pass is free if you have the Tonik pass or the Ikon pass. If you do not have a ski pass, a fee may apply. You can consult this site for the price list, equipment rental and to see which trails are open:


*** We recommend that you try to park on the north side to avoid the crowds if possible. ***


Here are 2 perfect places where you can rent a bike to practice fat bikink during the lockdown period in Mont-Tremblant:


  1. You can rent a bike at Cybercycle Bike Shop located at 1908 Chemin du Village. 
  2. You can also rent a bike at Cykel which is located at 1944 Chemin du Village.


*** We advise you to book in advance if you plan to rent a bike from Cybercycle or Cykel. ***


 From these 2 stores, you will have access to an easy network by the village and or a little more difficult one by the Seguin road.


Here is a website with a map of the trails where you can ride your fat bike this winter:

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